Jigsaw Extended Education Support Service
“Supporting emotional development and achievement”



Working to help vulnerable young people reconnect with

             their learning by helping them to feel safe enough to access

             their education.


       The Jigsaw Service Provides support through:

  • Providing Outreach support in schools to prevent exclusion;


  • Providing 'In -reach' education and support for those pupil who are permanently excluded;


  • Providing personalised reintegration packages to assist pupils in their return to school;


  • Providing family support for children who are identified as having difficulties;


Coming Soon... NAPs

New for January 2021 - Nurture and assessment Places 

A limited number of 'preventative' placements will be available for children in CBC. Pupils who are at risk of exclusion will be able to access the Jigsaw Centre. Both they, their schools and their parent/carers will work together to improve outcomes prior to their return to school.


The Jigsaw Team are committed to, and passionate about

children and their inclusion in education. With this in mind, we feel that the children we support must be at the heart of what we do.

In order to enable our children to achieve success, we believe that they must be treated as individuals and that a holistic approach should be employed in order to meet their needs - this in turn should provide the best chance for them to reach their full potential enabling them to feel happy, safe, valued and inspired.

We believe that it is not for adults to judge the children or to be critical of them but to be positive and committed to providing a fresh start and a way forward for them. It is agreed that, in order for this to happen, we must develop positive and supportive partnerships and work closely with a range of stakeholders so that the children we support can blossom and experience success in all areas of their school life and beyond. 


Jan Redding

Jigsaw Team Leader


  • Individual work with pupils

  • Group Work

  • Baseline Assessments for pupils with BESD

  • Staff Training - Groups & Whole School Inset

  • ​Whole school behaviour policy

  • ​Provision Mapping

  • ​Restorative Justice 

  • Solution Focus interventions

  • Teacher Coaching

  • Education of Permanently Excluded children Yrs 1 - 6

  • Re integration of pupils back into school or alternative setting

  • Commissioned Theraputic interventions

  • Family support for cases open to us

Let us know what you think of the Jigsaw Service

If you have any suggestions for improvements or perhaps a positive comment about our Service to make then please email us on jigsaw.centre@centralbedfordshire.gov.uk 



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