​A little more about the Jigsaw ...

Jigsaw is a Central Bedfordshire service for primary aged children that sits within the School Improvement Team, as such it is part of the 'Local Offer'.

Geographically the  current Jigsaw Centre is located on the site of the Academy of Central Bedfordshire in Houghton Regis, Dunstable. 

A second Centre is planned to open in June 2021, this will be located on the site of Shelton Lower School

The Jigsaw Centre Provides Support to Schools in Central Bedfordshire by offering:

  • Short stay 'In -House' provision for the children in the LA that are permanently excluded in years 1 - 6;

  • Nurture and Assessment places (NAP) for a limited number of Primary pupils to help support schools with children who are at severe risk of exclusion despite the extensive support of the Jigsaw Outreach team.

  • Re integration of pupils back into either mainstream school, or where appropriate, alternative provision;

  • Family support for all those children with an identified need;

  • Additional commissioned training opportunities throughout the term.