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Outreach for primary Pupils...

Pupils are referred by schools against an agreed set of criteria (At high risk of exclusion with schools expected to have put in place and reviewed 'stage 2' school support)

If a pupil does not meet the criteria, a school is able to buy in training and support from the Service. In addition staff analyse school exclusions data and approach identified schools to offer support and advice in a pre-emptive move where no referral has been made. Out-reach support typically offers:


  • A variety of interventions on a one-to-one basis or in groups that can develop a pupil’s emotional literacy, social skills and self-esteem;

  • Whole school work to promote and support inclusion, for example advice on setting up nurture units. 

  • Support with Solution Focused approaches as well as Restorative Justice

  • Individualised support assisting schools with pupils with complex needs and subsequential assistance in applying for EHCP.


Students can only be seen if full parental consent is given in writing;


  • The Jigsaw Centre referral form is available to download at the front of the website (this will then need to be sent via ANYCOMMs to Jigsaw Admin but this is expected to change to an online process in spring 2021). 






Family Support...

The Jigsaw Centre have a Family Support Worker who works closely with the cases referred to the Service whenever it is deemed beneficial. Linda Bowen (0300 300 4713) works in close partnership with parents and schools to provide a collaborative approach to pupil support. Linda also provide family support to the Jigsaw In reach children.


Training for schools on a number of topics relevant to supporting young people at risk of exclusion or with Social, Emotional and Mental issues (SEMH) is available. This is tailor made to meet the needs of the establishment. If you are interested in receiving further details of our training and associated price please either email or telephone us directly.


Examples of the current training available are

  • Understanding SEMH

  • Practical Strategies to support SEMH

  • Emotional Literacy and Protective Behaviours

  • Restorative Approaches

  • Nurture Provision

  • Prevention of Crisis Events in the Classroom

  • Solution Focussed Brief Therapy

Please call us to enquire further on your training needs.

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