In House Parents...

If your child is to attend one of the Jigsaw Centres there will be a number of things that you will need to know. Certainly we understand that this is often a very difficult time for both children and parents alike. We aim to make the transition both into and back out of our Centre as smooth as is possible.

Likely Length of Stay:

Although the length of time a pupil stays with us can vary quite widely, Jigsaw will endeavour to re-intergrate your child back into school as quickly a possible. Often after 6 weeks or so pupils have been allocated to another school. Jigsaw Outreach and In reach staff will then work hard to support children, parent/carers and school staff in this important transition phase. The particular circumstances of each child is given full and careful consideration. The Jigsaw provision is a stepping stone provided at time of permanent exclusion (unless it is part of a NAP placement) and we believe that support for children experiencing difficulties should be, where possible, provided within their own school community and alongside their peers.

Being at Jigsaw:

Whilst at Jigsaw children will engage with a creative curriculum which is where possible, tailored to the their interests, their experiences and their particular learning style.

Jigsaw offers a caring, stimulating and supportive environment. Our pupils are given the opportunity to raise their self esteem and re engage with their learning. In so doing it is hoped that they can develop a more positive attitude towards both themselves and to their learning. We place a strong emphasis on PHSE, work on building on children's strengths and encouraging personal development.

During their time at Jigsaw children will be provided with extensive support and staff will aim to provide a comprehensive assessment of their needs. This is both on a social and emotional level as well as an academic one. Staff at the Centres take advantage of the enhanced opportunity to improve pupil's abilities in a range of essential core curriculum areas on an often 1:1 basis.

​Getting to Jigsaw

​Children who have been permanently excluded and who live futher than 3 miles away from their nearest Centre will be entitled to a taxi (both to and from Jigsaw). Entitlement to this is the responsibility of Central Bedfordshire Local Authority. Once it has been established that the distance is in excess of this distance, then a taxi can be arranged. Staff at Jigsaw will be notified and arrangements will then be made and discussed with parents.

In the event that your home address is under 3 miles then CBC will expect parent/carers to ensure children are able to attend the Centre and to safely supervise their children to do so.

All taxi companies and their staff are contracted by Central Bedfordshire Local Authority, as such they are subject to a high level of scrutiny. All drivers and escorts will have been DBS checked.

In More Detail...

Creative Curriculum

The Creative Curriculum is inspirational both for teachers and for pupils. It makes learning motivational and successful for all involved. At it's heart the Creative Curriculum is skills based and knowledge supported. It includes not only what to study but also how to study. Hence planning begins with an understanding of the key skills to be developed and the content is selected to support these. These key skills are sometimes subject based. Other times they are key skills for learning that enable children to become good communicators, solve problems, work well with others and ultimately improve their own learning performance.
A Creative Curriculum recognises the professionalism of teachers in being able to plan and deliver the best curriculum for the specific children in their care. This allows for children to receive a rich and varied experience.
In all subjects some skills depend on a hierarchy of learning; this hierarchy must be followed for learning to be successful. Hence the structured planning that is found within the current renewed frameworks for both English and Maths still has a significant part to play in a Creative Curriculum.

Children who attend Jigsaw are expected to wear the following...

  • Black or navy trousers or skirt

  • White Airtex tee shirt or shirt

  • Black shoes

  • A purple sweat shirt will be lent to pupils whilst attending