In House Support

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The Jigsaw Hubs provide education for permanently excluded pupils for years 1-6.

We offer a caring, stimulating and supportive environment. Our pupils are given the opportunity to raise self-esteem and re-engage with their learning whilst developing a more positive attitude towards education.

Whenever possible the focus for teaching is about identifying and closing the gaps that have so often appeared in these pupils' learning. 


Our creative curriculum is designed to meet the needs of our pupils. With a strong emphasis on personal development.

We provide intensive support for all our pupils. Placements are typically six weeks but can be flexible to cater for individual needs.
When a pupil receives a permanent exclusion schools should follow existing protocols and liaise with the Access & Inclusion officer at CBC




We provide a supportive and personalised reintegration programme that addresses the needs of both pupil and that of the receiving school.



To support re-integration Jigsaw will typically offer mentoring/coaching sessions, attend specified lessons with the pupil as well as plan and liaise with teachers and support assistants.



The degree of intervention will vary from pupil to pupil and from school to school. Some pupils are reintegrated swiftly with only the lightest of support from the Jigsaw staff whilst other children benefit from a slightly longer ‘handover’. Rest assured, all of these factors are considered in conjunction with both the parents and the receiving school views.