We are committed to providing the optimum support, guidance and tuition for all of the children referred to us. Their well being and progress is at the heart of all that we do. Curriculum, group work and individual sessions are all carefully planned to match the presenting needs.

Pupil Testimonies

The staff really do care here, they'll listen to me and I feel less angry now​!

I went to the Jigsaw Centre... it was amazing, I got a new teacher. Whilst I was at Jigsaw I got to cook, do maths, art and everything!

My Behaviour

I am very very very very very very bad
Sometimes I am good
But very very very very very very bad
I don't know why i am bad
It's just cos i can't stop myself.
And don't say i'm lyeing cos i am not lyeing
Can you hear me?
Well if you can then that means I'm being bad
Now you know your reading a bit of paper don't you?
Im sutch a norty boy
but some times im a very good boy
and you got to keep that in your head in case you see me.
If you see me just run away 


This sad but poignant poem was written by one of the children our Team worked with. It reminds us all that children are often acutely aware of their difficulties as well as the labels attributed to them as a result. 

This pupil, although nervous about being filmed, was very keen to tell everyone about the progress he has made since being with us, we are all so proud of his achievements.